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UK Properties

Interested in UK property? The UK is famous for a number of reasons – Red Buses, black cabs, the Beatles, London, Tea, The Royal Family and there are still so many more!

Our latest properties in UK

Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

Penthouse in Bletchley

Brick House Properties are delighted to offer you this lovely 2  bedroom penthouse in Bletchley.905 Sq FtINVESTORS ONLY!!Tenant in-situ.Property is currently rented at £825 with guaranteed rent.Lift access to the top floor.Hallway (Wooden Flooring)Spacious hallway which gains entry to all…

Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

Apartment in Broughton

Brick House Properties are delighted to offer you this lovely 1 bedroom property in Broughton. There is currently a tenant within the property so could be a perfect opportunity for an investor landlord.However tenant can be moved if required.Key code…


The island is full of culture and history, and with a number of key historical faces coming from such a small island, its incredible. The UK has 2 of the best universities in the world, Cambridge and Oxford – with Cambridge having one of the most influential people in Theoretical Physics working as a Director of Research, Stephen Hawking.

The UK is rich in history, with world famous poets such as William shakespeare, famous pop bands such as The Spice Girls, The Beatles, Oasis, including a large number of famous movie actors and some of the worlds most beautiful architecture. The UK also has some mysterious pieces of history, such as stonehenge and the giants ring. The island also has a number of castles dotted all over from the past, true examples of late 13th century and early 14th century military buildings, with Hadrian’s Wall still standing tall between Scotland and England. 

Travelling around the UK is easy, and number of airports make it easy to travel to your destination. There are a number of flights to London from most countries and major cities across the world. There is a number of ways to travel around the UK, and all can be quite efficient, with a new super fast train being built across the UK, making it much easier and quicker to get from the north to the south of England.  The island is relatively small, so it can be easy to make day-trips or move around to visit or enjoy a small holiday. The island is close to a number of countries in continental Europe, and made easy – with the channel tunnel in place to take you to France, including ferries in which can ship you and your car to Cannes.

Living in the UK has its benefits, and there is a lot! – ranging from some of the best education in the world to one of the best healthcare’s in the world. The weather isn’t the best, but it never gets extreme – and when the sun shines, it brings a smile to everyones face and the UK will make a fuss. The variety in food –  Michelin star restaurants and British classics like the famous Sunday Roast.

For those who enjoy growing your own food or perhaps flowers, the climate makes easy to grow almost anything. The UK also has a lower crime and fear of crime rate, living with that added security. For the ones who enjoy sports, the UK boasts a large range of sports and entertain the greatest league in the world of football, the Premier League, which if you own your own UK property you should definitely go and see live!

The UK is full of beautiful cities. Bath is a strong contender for England’s most beautiful small city. The honey-coloured villages and lovely towns of the Cotswolds looking as if they have just strayed into the 21st century.

If you do own UK property, The Lake District is one beautiful place to visit to view Britain’s finest scenery and grandest views. Its its charming patch of valleys, woodlands and lakes make it a top contender in the UK to get out and really explore the outdoors, whether its a long hike up the mountains, bike ride down the lanes. Cornwall would also be a great place to visit, defined by its fantastic coastline with 300 miles of cliffs and dunes, oak forested creeks and medieval ports, all accessible on foot. 

London, the stunning capital, rich with culture and history – the capital of England is one place you shouldn’t miss out, and to live here is a fantastic experience. London is a front runner on the endless creative opportunities, and there is always a buzz and it’s incredibly easy to get on a train to go abroad for a weekend. The parks are absolutely beautiful and the trends in fashion are some of the most influential in the world. These are a small number of incredible cities and places to visit in the UK, there are many more to choose from.