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A Very Important Element when buying a Property In Spain – Your NIE number (National Insurance Number)

This is very important when buying a property in Spain – and we can help direct you to make life easier!

It is vital to your purchase when buying property in Spain that you must have a Spanish National Insurance Number before your can purchase a property in Spain

The NIE number can easily be applied for at your local police station, however you will need a copy of your passport for the NIE number to be produced.

One of the easiest ways to apply for an NIE number is to give a Spanish Lawyer power of attorney, thus acting on your behalf – they can then make the trip up to the police station for you, and on your behalf.

Generally, the NIE number is processed within 5-6 working days, however this all depends on how busy their department is.

The other alternative when looking to request a NIE number is to go with your lawyer in person, and apply for the NIE number with the assistance of the lawyer. The could mean standing in very long queues, as mentioned – it depends how busy the department is, however our advice is to give your lawyer power of attorney – as this saves you the time and hassle of having to wait in long queues.

The Spanish National Insurance Number will then enable you to purchase a Spanish Property, open a Spanish Bank Account, and also purchase a car in the country if required.

The best thing about it? – the number will never change in your lifetime – so no more queuing, or waiting for a Spanish National Insurance Number.

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