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Worldwide Quality Properties

Every single partner of Resort Worldwide Properties Ltd is vetted by the company and must meet the stringent due diligence that we undertake before our company will sell their properties or developments. Rest assured, we only sell quality properties and developments and would be more than happy to supply an information required involving due diligence that you may require.

Fully Assisted Viewing Trips

We always recommend that you go out on a viewing trip and see the location, and your chosen property or development in person. This is something that we can organise for you as part of our on-going service, we will help with the flights, accommodation and airport transfers. In order to make your trip as stress free and enjoyable as possible and we guarantee that you will NEVER be put under any pressure to buy. For us it is absolutely crucial that we find the right property for you, one that fits all your personal requirements.

Trusted Property Partners

When buying a property abroad it is absolutely essential that either you do your own due diligence or go with a company that has long standing reputation in the market and therefore can be trusted to have done their own due diligence on your behalf.
This is even more important when you are considering buying off plan, it’s important to make sure that the developer is reputable and has the financial backing in place to finish the project and deliver what has been promised is a given.
Resort Worldwide Properties Ltd checks all their property partners and developments during their own due diligence process and if they don’t meet our high criteria, we will not sell their properties or developments.

A Property That Suits You

Our International Property Consultants use a bespoke methodology that allows us to fully understand how you will use the property. It helps them to fully understand all your needs and specific requirements. From which a choice of three to four properties will be established.
Also, we take into consideration the location requirements within our profile your property, as location is one of the major factors and totally dependent on your personal requirements.
Again, this is another major factor that is picked up during the profiling of your property. With our method of profiling we cover off the three most important factors – The right property for you and in the right location that suits all of your personal requirements.