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Moving Home at Christmas can be Stressful for so many different reasons, removal companies being closed for the festive period or some kind of slow down in the process. Although one of the main stresses can be how chaotic everything can be right before the time of year you just want to relax at home with friends and family. 


So, if you know someone who is braving these problems and moving house in the festive period, we’ve come up with 5 Christmas Gift ideas to Lighten the load, and provide some good old christmas cheer and bring some warmth to that new home!

 – A Coffee Pot!

The One Gift that works quite well especially for the average caffeine-addicted human, no normal human being could possibly refuse a brand new coffee pot, especially if it’s espresso. For those home movers, they are likely to have their old coffee pot stored away somewhere in a unnamed box waiting to be unpacked – but now it will probably never been seen again!

These days they can be bought relatively cheap, and it usually comes with a nice bag of freshly ground coffee, a real welcoming present that could be used straight away.

 – The Essential Door Mat!

The first thing people see when they come and visit, so a friendly and inviting door mat is always a nice element to a new home – simple yet brings a bit of personality and style to the property.

Whether you choose something classic, or perhaps some personalised towards the homeowner with a cheeky joke or personal memory. A welcome mat can be deemed a very thoughtful gift home-owners will appreciate.


 – Scented Candles – always a winner.

The most common smells in a new house move will be Dust, Fresh Paint and other strange and not so wonderful smells! – so picking out those lovely smelling candles to a home owners specifications (their favourite scent) would also be a thoughtful gesture.

Adding some of their favourite fragrances back into their home life will always be comforting, especially when taking a bath!


– A Rack of the Good Stuff!


After a crazy period of moving house, a week later – the difficulty trying to find all the little things that you’ve packed away! – Save your friends the hassle.

Pick out some of their favourite spices with a nice pick of herbs and spices, little pleasant jars so those first few meals can be a real treat, rather than looking for a dodgy looking takeaway!



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